Lambo Urus still waiting approval

Although it has been assumed for quite some time that we will definitely see a production version of Lamborghini’s Urus 4×4 sometime in 2017, recent reports suggest that the vehicle hasn’t officially been given the green light yet.

According to, the Urus still doesn’t have the go-ahead. Speaking to journalists in Japan, Lamborghini Research & Development Director Maurizio Reggiani reportedly said: “The Urus is still not confirmed for the brand. We still await final approval from the Volkswagen group, and we are continuing to work for that approval.

If true, this is a rather strange development, since company CEO Stephan Winkelmann  stated late last year that the Urus had indeed been approved for production.

That said, Eginardo Bertoli, Lamborghini Japan General Manager of sales and marketing also said during the briefing that: “We expect Urus commencement in late 2017 with deliveries being seen in 2018. In Japan it will be priced similarly to the Huracan, to maintain the brand’s position as premium.”

So, despite Reggiani’s comments, it seems as if production of the Urus is a virtual certainty, and the official green light from VW is just a formality.