Leisure Wheels publishes 100th issue


Happy 100th!



This week subscribers will be getting an exciting bumper issue for Leisure Wheels in the mail – the 100th issue. With the Leisure Wheels brand going on its 15th year of publication, as much enthusiasm and adventurous excitement has gone into this issue as in the 99 before it. We’re grateful to all our readers for making this long journey with us, and we’re hoping you’ll come and celebrate with us online!


With the extra thick August 100th issue hitting the shelves early next week, readers can look forward to great travel and motoring articles, an extra dose of adventure and a trip down memory lane.



We want more!

Online there’s more on offer, with weekly giveaways on our website and our Facebook page while the 100th issue is on the shelves. You’ll need your copy in order to take part in many of these exciting offers, so make sure you grab it as soon as it’s out – as always, they’re bound to go quickly! You’ll also see personal stories from our editor, Jannie Herbst, and the team online, telling about their journey with Leisure Wheels so far.



Been a long-time reader?

Readers who’ve been with the Leisure Wheels team for many of the 100 issues will enjoy the timeline going up on our Facebook page on Monday the 16th of July, with flashbacks to exciting projects, ridiculous off-roaders and blunders. Take a look at the covers 1 to 100 and spot the changes, revel in nostalgia at the old prices of your favourite off-roader (and the magazine!) and add your experiences with our 4×4 publication in hand over the years.



Got questions? Ask the team, and win!

If you haven’t followed our Twitter handles, now is the time to do so, with something quite out-of-the ordinary taking place during the month of August. The Leisure Wheels team may find themselves stuck in a time-warp, and helping them out could win you great prizes.

Follow @LeisureWheelsSA for updates and giveaways, and the team at @GG_LesWheels, @Leila_LesWheels or @Anzet_LesWheels

Feel free to quiz them on technical points you’re curious about, upcoming models and releases, or trips with the Leisure Wheels team.



August is Adventure Month!

With an extra dose of adventure in the magazine, we know you’ll be craving some more. That’s why the month of August is Adventure month on the Leisure Wheels website, with extra adventure-travel-motoring stories going up weekly. Watch this space or follow our RSS feed to make sure you don’t miss it. You can also subscriber to our newsletter on the home page, and receive a short Tuesday update on what’s happening behind the scenes.



Tell us your story

Tell us the story of your journey with Leisure Wheels on any of our platforms – write to our print issue, on the Facebook wall, as commentary on the adventure, nostalgic and 4×4 stories going up here on the site, or directly at the team on Twitter. We’d love to hear from you!



Want to subscribe?

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