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Lorinser Classic restores Swiss Army G-Class

12 February 2019

Lorinser is a well-known German tuning firm, but did you know it also has a division called Lorinser Classic.

It recently restored this beautiful 1993 G-Class, previously owned by the Swiss Army.

This particular unit is a long-wheelbase model.  It was used to transport Swedish troops.

This restomod focussed more on the design side. It’s wrapped in a rugged matte black colour and the removable roof was painted a nice, deep red.

It rides on 16-inch alloys with BF Goodrich rubber.

At the front it has a new bumper and a set of modern LED lights.

The engine remains the same. It’s the robust 2.3-litre four-cylinder, which doesn’t produce a lot of power, but is at least extremely reliable.

It’s currently on sale in Europe for R540 000, which isn’t all that bad for a completely restored iconic off-roader.