Mercedes GLC hits one million production models

Mercedes-Benz has just built its millionth GLC – the most popular of the brand’s SUVs.

When the model was first produced in 2008 it was known as the GLK, then in 2015 it was relaunched as the GLC (like the SLK/SLC) to align more clearly with the C-Class family. Today there is also the sleeker GLC Coupe  on offer.

The landmark millionth GLC was produced at Merc’s plant in Bremen, Germany, where it is built alongside the C-Class sedan and wagon. Other than at this plant, these SUVs are built in Valmet in Finland and in China as well (the Chinese market accounts for roughly half of all GLCs sold around the world).

Mercedes says that ‘no two GLCs need ever leave the factory exactly alike’ because of the wide range of customisation options, which include: nine engines, a dozen colours to choose from, and a host of trim levels and additions.However, certain combinations are no doubt more popular than others.