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Mercedes may build crossover inspired by G-Class

16 May 2014

The German publication Autobild is reporting that Mercedes-Benz has long-term plans to introduce a crossover utility vehicle inspired by the iconic G-Class.

According to the report, Mercedes-Benz intends to launch the vehicle in 2019, and will base it on the next-generation A-Class, which will make its appearance sometime in 2018.

The vehicle will purportedly be called the GLB, and will be able to seat seven people. It will be similar in philosophy to the GLA, but will be larger (and more expensive) than its smaller sibling.

2019 is still a long way off, so its difficult to speculate what the vehicle will look like. Will it perhaps resemble the Mercedes Ener-G Force Concept (pictured), which the company released a while ago? That might be a tad too futuristic, even for 2019. Will it resemble the current G-Class in any way? And what does the future hold for the G-Class itself? Will it still be around in 2019? We’ll have to wait to get these answers.