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New 4×4 trails in the Karoo

3 July 2009

The new trails provide an opportunity for visitors to experience a new area of the almost 90 000ha Karoo National Park, and are open only to visitors with 4×4 vehicles.

The Nuweveld Trail follows a 90km route into the western section of the park, starting off the relatively new Potlekkertjie Loop, which was opened in October 2008. Approximately 50km of this trail is a Grade one 4×4 trail with some steep, rocky sections and sandy dry river crossings.

About 20km from the start of the trail, visitors will find the Embizweni Cottage, which provides an ideal place for an overnight stay in a remote and tranquil location.

The cottage provides fully-equipped accommodation for six people with a gas-powered stove, fridge and geysers as well as solar-powered lights. A fireplace in the living room provides a cosy atmosphere in winter.

The shorter Afsaal Trail is a 13km route that provides a challenging drive in wet conditions. The trail, commencing off the Potlekkertjie Loop, travels south and then east before linking up with the Potlekkertjie Loop again.

Visitors can enjoy both the Nuweveld and Afsaal Routes free of charge. A stay in Embizweni Cottage is very affordable, with rates starting from R600 for four people.

For more information, phone the Karoo National Park on 023 415-2828 or e-mail [email protected] or [email protected].