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Novitec dials the Lamborghini Urus up to 11

10 September 2019

For most people the standard Lamborghini Urus is probably enough car, but just in case you’re the kind of person who reckons it needs more power, allow us to introduce you to the Novitec Urus.

In addition to a wide body kit, 23-inch alloy wheels and some added naked carbon fibre, Novitec also ups the power of the standard 4.0-litre biturbo V8 engine. Depending on which option you go for, you can get the power output as high as 575kW and 1032Nm of torque.

That’s good for a zero to 100km/h sprint in 3.3 seconds and a top-speed of 310km/h.

The Novitec control module for the standard-fit adaptive air suspension provides further enhanced looks and optimised handling as the result of lowering the centre of gravity. It lowers the ride height of the Italian Super SUV by about 25 millimetres.

Exclusive Novitec interiors in all conceivable colours and designs fulfil even the fanciest request of the owners of the Lamborghini Urus.