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Paris Motor Show: Suzuki SUV concept

1 October 2012

With the Paris Motor Show in full swing, the concept reveals are littering news and motoring sites. The latest in off-roading conceptry is this Suzuki S-Cross, which is a representation of an intended production model for the C-segment crossover market.

The design is bold for Suzuki Motor Company’s off-roading division, featuring sharp lines, a slick aerodynamic styling, high-gloss chrome garnishes around the LED foglamps and futuristically-shaped headlamps. Dark and bright chrome elements are very modernistically off-set with each other on the front grille, and the roof rails fit flush with the roofline when not in use. All this exudes a very up-with-the-times image, which we’ve seen come from Suzuki only in the form of the Kizashi of late.

Would a Suzuki crossover SUV – with modern styling and technology – be a welcome addition to our flooded market? Sales show there’s no decline in SUV popularity, and Suzuki’s attempts to build up their automotive brand locally have been boosted by the success of both the Jimny and their little hatch, the Swift.

Suzuki Motor Company managing officer and executive general manager of global automotive marketing, Kenichi Ayukawa, confirmed at the show that the S-Cross will spawn a production model, to be introduced in Europe before the end of 2013.

The new car will further extend Suzuki’s product offering, allowing it to compete in the A, B and C-segments of both the passenger car and SUV vehicle categories, he said.

Mr Ayukawa added that the new crossover was further confirmation of Suzuki’s expansion strategy, which aims to introduce new models to the European market on an annual basis. We can only hope that Suzuki Auto SA is successful enough to maintain this flow of new models locally.