Performance on the road and track

Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuels are designed to protect engines against gunk and corrosion. BMW M recommends them for use in all BMW M and BMW M Performance road vehicles

NOT all cars are created equal, and neither are fuels. If you own a performance vehicle, you want to ensure its engine operates optimally by being free of any deposits that may affect its performance.To this end, the latest generation of premium unleaded and diesel Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuels are specifically designed for use in performance engines.

As the PremiumTechnology Partner to BMW Motorsport, Shell exclusively supplies oil to BMW’s racecars in the GermanTouring Car Championship (DTM), among other series. Shell’s intensive involvement in motorsport has allowed it to apply its learnings from the racetrack to produce enhanced fuel and lubricants for road cars.

After extensive testing, Shell has created the best fuel that includes friction modifying technology designed to reduce friction in critical engine areas, helping performance vehicles to deliver more power on the road.

“Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuels represent our latest generation of premium performance fuels.They are designed to protect your engine against gunk and corrosion,” says Frans Maluleke, Shell South Africa Cluster Fuels Marketing Manager.

“Its benefits are clear, which is why Shell is the PremiumTech- nology Partner to BMW Motorsport to supply oils to its racecars. Furthermore, BMW M recommends Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuels for use in all BMW M and BMW M Performance road vehicles.”

Shell V-Power Nitro+ Unleaded Shell V-Power Nitro+ Unlead- ed’s unique double-action formulation is designed to ac- tively clean an engine and in- stantly reduce deposits which can reduce performance.

“Our Friction Modifica- tionTechnology is designed to instantly reduce friction between the piston assembly and cylinder wall by coating them with a protective film, which prevents the build-up of deposits that can affect perfor- mance,” says Maluleke.

Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuels contain special additives to stop performance-robbing deposits from building up around the intake valves and fuel injectors.

Shell V-Power
Nitro+ Diesel Shell’s diesel formulation contains a more powerful detergent for fast and more effective clean-up of diesel fuel-injection systems. Its ad- vanced formulation is designed to work under the extreme conditions of the fuel-injection system, breaking down and cleaning away harmful gunky deposits. It is also formulated to help restore and maintain engine power through active engine protection.

Anti-rust functionality aids in corrosion prevention of pre- cision-engineered fuel-injec- tion systems. Deposits on the diesel injectors can impair the fuel spray and reduce the fuel flow – resulting in power loss. Shell V-Power Nitro+ Diesel is designed to form a protective film on metal surfaces, which decreases the corrosion rate, helping to protect precision fuel system components.

Q&A with Frans Maluleke Shell’s technical partnership with Ferrari in Formula One is well known, but the company has accomplished a further achievement by becoming the Premium Technology Partner to BMW Motorsport. Shell will be the exclusive supplier of oil to BMW Motorsport racing cars and BMWM recommends Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuels for use in all BMW M and M Performance vehicles.

We spoke to Shell South Africa’s Cluster Fuels Market- ing Manager Frans Maluleke to find out more.

How is this different from the Shell Technical Partner- ship with Ferrari?
While the Technical Part- nership with Ferrari is one of the strongest and most established in motorsport, the new relationship with BMW gives us the opportu- nity to broaden the scope of our Research and Devel- opment in motorsport.

How does this affect the Shell Technical Partnership with Ferrari?
This partnership comple- ments the Shell Technical Partnership with Ferrari, which gives Shell an environment in which to test new fuels in extreme conditions and transfer what we learn on the track to the Shell products that customers can buy.

Have you tested Shell V-Power Nitro+ in BMW engines?
As part of our ongoing and comprehensive Research and Development work, we have tested Shell V- Power Nitro+ fuels in the latest-generation BMW petrol and diesel engines. The results confirm the performance benefits of Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuels in BMW engines.

CAR: Why does BMW M recommend Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuels?
With their unique formulations designed to actively clean your engine and protect vital engine parts, Shell V- Power Nitro+ fuels are seen as ideal partners for BMW M and BMW M Performance vehicles.