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Ramsay meets the makers of his “shoes”

17 September 2012

For almost a year, Scott Ramsay has been reporting in our monthly magazine on his Year in the Wild adventure through South Africa. So often, SA is the second choice for her own citizens’ travels, and Scott has set out to showcase just what our country holds for the adventurer and the avid traveller.  Now, however, Ramsay’s project has evolved, and has the potential to become more than just a year-long venture.

A photojournalist and conservationist, Scott is looking to parks and reserves not included in his initial 31-long list to cover and discover.


“We made those!”

Co-sponsored by Goodyear, he visited the plant in Uitenhage recently to show the employees exactly what he has been putting their tyres through. Not the usual courtesy sponsor-visit, Ramsay was able to show the actual employees involved in the manufacture of the specific tyres on his vehicle what they look like now. Ramsay has been through rocky, sandy, muddy and wilderness terrains, and his Wrangler AT/SA tyres were less warn than the employees expected:

“I’m so chuffed to see that the tyres on Scott’s vehicle are the ones that we actually handled,” said Lonwabo Manuyube. “It’s been great to hear all about the places he’s travelled in the tyres and to get direct, positive feedback on his experience of our Wranglers. It makes us proud!”

My home, my shoes

Lize Hayward, Group Brand Communications Manager, said Goodyear was proud to support Ramsay and the long-term contribution he was making to the country’s natural heritage – and the appreciation is certainly mutual:

“My car has been my home for well over a year now, and I often think of my tyres as my shoes,” said Ramsay.

The Goodyear team are no stranger to conservation and nature related projects, one of which is their ‘zero waste to landfill’ policy. They are also involved with the Rhino Project and the Toyota Enviro Outreach.


Going forward

A glossy coffee-table book is on the cards for mid-2013, filled with Ramsay’s breathtaking photographs and inspiring descriptions of the 31 “most special” nature reserves he visited during his Year in the Wild. His journey will continue to be detailed on his website and accompanying blog, as well as on his popular Facebook page, as well as in our Leisure Wheels magazine every month, and in Getaway and Wild.