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The all new Range Rover

16 August 2012

The “all new” Range Rover

The motoring world has come to a proverbial standstill as pictures of the new 4th iteration of the iconic Range Rover broke earlier this week. It certainly looks like an Evoque, benefiting from the customary front LED’s, blackened A and B pillars that definitely add a touch of sportiness to the big Rangie. Fancy rims were also shown in the press pics, although those wheels won’t be much good when the going gets tough.

The main point, or the one that Land Rover is punting for the time being, is the big reduction in weight by virtue of the technical wizardry of the engineers at the Solihull plant in the UK. Yes, the most imperial car in the world will be made in her majesty’s kingdom.

Purists will breathe a wealthy sigh of the relief that the British marque, which is owned by India’s Tata group, have retained the mammoth V8 petrol and diesel engines. The former being of the supercharged persuasion, while the TDV6 completes the engine line-up, as is normal protocol with modern engines, the CO2 reducing fairies would have had their way with the power plants to make your impact on the environment less damaging.

The new Range Rover, which will be available next year, has taken a leaf out sister brand, Jaguar’s, book with regards to the interior. Smatterings of chrome, polished wood and sumptuous leather are sure to make the epitome of luxury SUV’s comfortable on the road, whether you are in Johannesburg, London or New York.