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Renault boss confirms all-new Duster pick up

11 February 2019

The previous-generation Renault Duster was also available as a double cab elsewhere in the world.

For years we stared at images of the Oroch, hoping it would come to South Africa, but alas.

There’s an all-new Duster out and while we love it very much, we can’t help but look at it and wonder what else might be possible.

There’s already a coachbuilder building single-cab bakkies based on the Duster. It’s called Romturingia and it’s doing rather well.

Obviously Renault/Dacia picked up on this, because the general director of Renault Commercial Vehicles in Romania recently confirmed that Renault for a commercial vehicle based on the platform.

To create this new model, Renault will be working closely with Romturingia.

Not much else is known at this stage, but we can hardly wait to see what the result is.