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Antarctica bound 6×6 Mancat truck pimped into a space ship by Zailab

24 November 2016


Software company Zailab have a team working away to covert an ordinary Man KAT 6×6 truck chassis into a Zaitruck…


What exactly is a Zaitruck? It’s an all-terrain, all-purpose, mobile, lab, mobile office (or home) party truck that will be heading to Antarctica with celebrity chef Jenny Morris on board for a New Year’s Eve party that won’t be run-of-the-mill.


The truck will be fitted with a Magirus Deutz V10 engine, solar panels, electronic software controlled driver features, a laser light system and an audio sound system. The rear cabin roof will lift and the sides will open for extended floor area.


The Zaitruck is designed to carry 12 people, six in the front cab, the driver in the front centre and two passengers either side of the driver and three passengers behind. The rear cab also takes six people, in three rows of two seats


Zailab claims that the materials used in this truck build are 97% recyclable. We will be visiting the build site shortly and will update you on the progress.