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Some Camping Tips

3 December 2014

Imperial Auto and Campworld have compiled a list of the top eleven must have’s for your camping and caravanning trip these holidays.

Last minute checks

The last time you set out on an adventurous family holiday may have been a while ago. To avoid any mishaps on your trip, be sure to check the operations and functions of your camping equipment and caravan. With more than 40 Campworld dealerships nationwide, it will be easy to have your caravan serviced by the experts. And now you’re ready to set off on your journey!

Grab the gadgets

You’ve got all the tools you need for your caravan and tent, so be sure to check that they’re properly packed. This includes essentials like a leveller, tyre pressure monitor (if you’re going offroad), compressor and ground sails, among others. If you want to take your caravanning experience to the next level, you could visit Campworld for a remote control caravan mover, a rear-view camera system, or additional side mirrors for that all-important extra visibility.

 Keep things cool

You’ll be living in the outdoors at the height of the South African summer, so don’t forget to check that your fridge and freezer are working, and that you’ve got your camping fan packed. You could also take the Campcool misting system on board, for extra comfort when the heat of the day strikes.

Light up the night

Even though you might be hooked up to your campsite’s electricity, it’s worthwhile taking your own illumination along too. Pack headlamps (for two-handed food preparation), lanterns, torches, firelighters, matches and wood.

Keep things comfy 

Check that you’ve got enough camp chairs for everyone – particularly for any children that may have outgrown the miniature ones that were just the right size for them last year! Make sure that you’ve packed enough duvets and pillows, and an extra blanket or few, as one of the joys of caravanning is that you’ve got lots of space to pack everything you need for your holiday.

 Cook up a storm

Just because you’re not in your kitchen at home doesn’t mean that you can’t be a master chef when you’re out in the great outdoors, so remember to pack cutlery, crockery, pots, pans, your favourite potjie, and all the herbs and spices that give you great flavour, no matter where you’re cooking. There is nothing better than a juicy fillet steak fresh off the fire with cheesy creamed sweet-corn filled gem squashes and a mouth-watering traditional South African pot broodjie

 Cleanliness is next to godliness…

Just because you’re not living in a house doesn’t mean that you (or your family) can neglect housekeeping duties. Don’t forget to pack a broom, brush and dustpan, bucket, wash-up basin, drying rack and washing line. You could even take along a rechargeable hand-held vacuum cleaner to keep things extra-spotless.

Don’t forget kiddy comforts

Your packing checklist might be as long as your arm, but your little one’s favourite comfort toy should be right at the top of the list. Also make sure that you’ve got any mattresses required, if they’re to be sleeping on the floor anywhere, and it won’t hurt to pack their favourite duvet cover or pillow too.

 Personal protection

Protect yourself from the elements, and from the bugs and beetles that come as part of any outdoor experience. During the day, make sure that you’ve got a high factor sunscreen (and that you all use it), and apply insect repellent at night. Awnings and gazebos also protect you from the sun and the rain.

Stay safe

Even if you’re an experienced camper, you’ll still be exposed to natures forces and unforeseen circumstances, so check that your first aid kit is replenished, and that any medication is not beyond its expiry date.

Focus on fun

While you’re sure to be spending lots of time on the beach,  hiking, fishing, or taking part in the myriad activities that are part of an outdoors holiday, don’t forget to pack a few activities for rainy days, or for when everybody needs some down-time. This could be books, puzzles, and board games, for example, and don’t forget the old favourites of a cricket bat and ball, soccer ball, and frisbee.

If you’re missing anything on this checklist – or would like to buy yourself an early festive season gift, head over to your local Campworld outlet, where you will find everything you need to equip yourself and your family for the perfect outdoor holiday.