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Sporty X6 spied inside and outside

10 February 2014

The first photographs of the second-generation BMW X6 have made their way onto the Internet.

It seems the second-generation will be just as controversial as the first. When it was first launched, during the recession a few years ago, people started asking the question; who needs a large pseudo 4×4 coupé, or sports activity vehicle as BMW calls it.

As it turned out, quite a few people wanted one. The X6 sold in decent numbers, so it only makes sense for BMW to build another one.

It’s clear that BMW won’t be straying too far from the original recipe, as the second-generation seems to be more of a facelift than a completely new model. The car in the images features a few aggressive styling elements, so we might even be looking at the next X6M…

The spy shot of the interior reveals that it’ll share most of its innards with the recently launched third-generation X5.

BMW has yet to reveal the exact reveal/launch date for the new X6.