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Stretched Raptor spotted in China

21 January 2014

Rear legroom is the ultimate luxury in China. That’s why most luxury cars that are sold over there have some or other long-wheelbase variant.

That’s not enough for some people who prefer extra legroom and a dash of exclusivity. Throw a brick from a window in Beijing and you’ll hit at least three stretched Hummers before it hits the ground.

This is probably the reason behind the monstrosity you see here – a stretched Ford F150 SVT Raptor. It may not be the best looking limo ever, but at least it’s exclusive.

The Raptor comes as standard with a big-bore 6,2-litre engine producing 306kW. In standard guise it’s an off-road legend, but we bet the extra metre or so added to the body has compromised its abilities somewhat.

Other modifications to this F150 include a domed roof, gullwing doors and a tent-like cover for the loadbin.