Super Bowl ads that tickled our fancy

Each year advertisers tap wealth of eyes glued to screens during the annual American Super Bowl (which took place this year on Sunday, 4 February) by releasing commercials that they hope will be attention grabbing.

Here are just a few of the vehicle related ads that caught our eye…

The original Jurassic Park fans should get a kick out of this 2018 Jeep Wrangler advert that stars a much older Jeff Goldblum. The ad opens with the “must go faster” T-Rex chase scene from the 1993 movie, however, this time around Goldbum is driving the new Wrangler and there’s a twist in the tale…

Another 2018 Jeep Wrangler ad, perhaps not quite as riveting as the former but impressive in its simple delivery of a powerful message on the vehicle’s off-road prowess.

The Lexus LS 500 is perhaps not the typical set of wheels that we focus on at Leisure Wheels however, the luxury arm of Toyota teamed up with Marvel to produce an ad that features scenes from the much anticipated superhero movie, Black Panther, which will debut in South Africa on Friday, 16 February.

The ad campaign is titled Long Live the King and depicts how the character T’Challa ( Chadwick Boseman), in his Black Panther disguise, recovers a stolen batch of vibranium, a mythical ore from his nation of Wakanda.  He does all this on his way to represent his country as king at a world leadership conference.

Although not featured in the advert, the movie has a strong representation of some of South Africa’s finest actors in major roles. The cast includes the great John Kani, his son Atandwa Kani and actress Connie Chiume.

The Kia Stinger ad features Aerosmith’s Steve Tyler speeding backwards on a racetrack in a time-warp of sorts that returns him to his youth. We wouldn’t call the ad riveting but it’s entertaining nonetheless.