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So…there is a Tesla Roadster in space

7 February 2018

On Tuesday 6 February, Elon Musk’s SpaceX corporation successfully launched the Falcon Heavy rocket into space, making history as the first private company, rather than a government agency, to launch such a powerful rocket into space.

The launch took place from the Kennedy Space Station and two of three booster rockets returned to land safely in Florida, at Cape Canaveral. The third crashed into the sea 90m from the drone ship on which it was meant to land.

Still, the launch was successful and its media value was skillfully enhanced by launch of Elon Musk’s own Tesla Roadster into space, from inside the rocket’s cone.

The vehicle is now joyriding through the Milky Way with a dummy known as Starman, wearing a SpaceX spacesuit, behind the wheel of the sports car. The radio is set to play David Bowie ‘s “Space Oddessy” on repeat for as long as it remains functional and other quirky touches include the “Made on Earth by Humans” printed on a circuit board and a “Don’t Panic” message on the dashboard.

The original plan was for the car to launch into the orbit of Mars but the was overshot and now the roadster is heading for the asteroid belt…

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