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The Khan Defender Chelsea Wide Track

23 February 2014

Last week we told you about tuning company Kahn’s Chelsea Longnose – what the company calls the fastest Land Rover in the world. Well, here’s another interesting creation from Kahn.

This model is called the Chelsea Wide Track, and predictably, it runs on some pretty impressive rubber. Its 20-inch rims are shod with very large and wide tyres.

While it looks sporty, though, there isn’t some burly V8 lurking behind that restyled grille. No, instead the Wide Track has a standard 2,4-litre Defender engine (the latest models now have a downsized 2,2-litre engine).


Inside the cabin, the vehicle now looks very flashy, with racing seats and wood finishes in the rear load area.

It might not be terribly practical or overland-ready, but it sure looks cool…