Thule teams up with Toyota

Swedish company Thule, renowned for its vehicle accessories, has partnered with Toyota South Africa Motors to integrate its range into Toyota’s new Associated Accessory Products Programme, enabling Toyota vehicle buyers to equip their new cars with Thule’s accessories directly at Toyota dealerships.

Thuyle’s accessories – which include,  among a wide range,  cargo carriers and bicycle racks – can be incorporated into the vehicle’s initial purchase price or installed at any stage during the vehicle’s lifecycle by Toyota’s trained technicians.

Toyota’s popular models, the Hilux, Fortuner, Land Cruiser, and Corolla Cross are favoured by many outdoor enthusiasts, and Thule’s accessories are designed to enhance the utility of these vehicles, making it easier for owners to transport sports and leisure equipment.

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Stuart Downey, General Manager at SA Sport & Cargo, highlighted the benefits of this partnership for both Toyota and Thule. According to Downey, this initiative not only makes Thule’s products more accessible to Toyota owners across South Africa but also strengthens Thule’s presence in the country.

The partnership was launched with a display at the Nampo Harvest Day in Bothaville, one of the largest agricultural shows in the southern hemisphere. Two Toyota Prado vehicles equipped with Thule accessories, including the new Thule CapRock and Thule Epos rooftop tents, were showcased to highlight the range of customisations available.

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Thule offers a variety of rooftop solutions that add significant storage capacity without requiring extra licensing. The design of these products ensures they integrate seamlessly with the vehicle, offering both security and ease of use.

Toyota’s accessory programme is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for vehicle customisation, enhancing the lifestyle of its customers. The accessories included in this programme meet Toyota’s standards for quality and durability, ensuring customer satisfaction and reliability.