Thule’s doors are open, so you can get outdoors

Thule prides itself on enabling people to enjoy their active lifestyles by making it possible to travel simply, safely and in style with accessories and lifestyle gear taken along for more than just the ride.

Predictions are that motorised movement will become the method of choice for those looking to plan their next family getaways. In a country that has beautiful places to explore, “DIY” holidays are expected to become more popular than ever. Caravanning, camping, road-tripping, slack-packing, hiking and even bicycle touring are going to be high on the agenda.

In addition, empathetic members of humanity are thinking about activities that will have less environmental impact and be healthier. And, says Richard Downey of SA Sport & Cargo, the brand is expecting motoring consumers to continue relying on the Swedish brand for solutions, albeit closer to home than before.

Watersport junkie Downey explains: “Whether you’re taking your family and their lifestyle gear 100 kilometres or 1 000, it needs to be attached in a secure manner – for the sake of not only the gear’s integrity but the safety of vehicle occupants too. Loose objects are a major cause of secondary injuries in an accident and with Thule, items of all shapes and sizes can be safely stowed.

“Thule has a vast range of solutions and whatever your passion, our national network of 22 Thule Partner stores and other specialist retail outlets is geared up for your gear. Our doors are open again – and that means you can get outdoors in the best way possible.”

Those who know the Thule brand will be aware that a set of Thule “roof racks” is in many cases your license to getting to a destination where your brand of leisure activity starts.

“We have roof racks to fit 95% of the South African car market and that percentage takes into account models ranges that have long since been discontinued. Whether a car is fitted with factory-installed longitudinal rails or not, it is possible to add Thule transverse racks to a vehicle using fundamental Thule mounting methods. Once our crossbars are in place, you simply attach what you need with the appropriate Thule product. The bars are versatile and aren’t necessarily vehicle-specific – they can generally be transferred with minimal effort and cost between vehicles.

If you’re looking to increase luggage volume then a lockable luggage box (of which there are 21 locally-available models) or an open luggage basket such as the Canyon XT is a great solution. In either instance, Thule’s Chasm range of hard-wearing and colourful duffle bags is an ideal solution to fully utilize every litre of volume.

Bicycles, canoes, windsurfers, surfboards, fishing rods…they each have their own specific Thule roof-mount solution and with a little adaptation and ingenuity, just about any lifestyle accessory, you care to think of can be transported.