Toyota to drop V8s from 2021 Land Cruise line-up?

We usually don’t pay much attention to rumours on the internet, but where there is smoke and all that…

The rumour that the Toyota Land Cruiser will drop its V8 engines when the all-new model arrives in 2021 has been around for a while and the thinking behind it does make sense.

Emissions regulations are getting tighter globally and it was only a matter of time before an icon like the Land Cruiser got caught in the crosshairs.

Globally, the Land Cruiser is currently equipped with a 4.5-litre diesel and 4.6-litre petrol V8. In South Africa, we only get the diesel. Both engines are sublime, but nowhere near meeting the next round of emissions regulations.

Toyota isn’t the only manufacturer facing this issue. The downsizing trend has been with us for a few years, not to mention the stellar work Toyota has been doing with hybrid engines.

Perhaps that’s the solution going forward. A creamy turbocharged V6 engine coupled to an electric motor would provide enough grunt to keep the Land Cruiser going.