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Toyota Hilux #Where2Next? Winner Announced!

19 January 2015

Jeremy Farquharson of Pietermaritzburg has been chosen as the winner of the Toyota Hilux #Where2Next? competition.

Judge’s comments:

“Really great travel writing is that which is able to create an emotional bond to the reader with a combination of words and pictures that describes feelings, thoughts, emotions and nostaligia. Jeremy Farquharson achieved that goal admirably. His understanding of descriptive prose is superb with the result that one can almost feel the heat of Namibia and hear, in the theatre of one’s mind, the deafening sound of a zip on the tent flap in the still of night. But, words cannot do the job on their own and the six photographs that accompanied this travelogue very clearly brought words to life. The pictures ticked all the boxes from setting the scene to candid human elements. The power of these few hundred words and half dozen pictures lies in their capacity to stir the reader’s emotions to the point of wanting to pack a tent, hitch up a trailer and head for the barren beauty that is Namibia.Trying to adequately describe a holiday in a few hundred words and handful of pictures is extremely diffcult but Jeremy Farquharson achieved it quite brlliantly. Well done.

Chris Moerdyk