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VW to unveil Crafter Camper at 2018 Caravan Salon

4 July 2018

Volkswagen recently launched its all-new Crafter in South Africa, where its vast range of abilities was showcased. You can convert a Crafter into basically everything, including a catering truck, ambulance and people carrier.

Oddly, there was no camper on show. That, it was revealed, would only come later and now the first teaser image of said camper has arrived.

The Crafter camper will be unveiled at the 2018 Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf in late August.

According to Volkswagen, it thought long and hard about how a camper van is used, and did the layout of the interior accordingly.

Expect it to have a large bed, and a relatively large kitchen and bathroom.

We’ll give you more images and product details as soon as we have them.