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Weinsburg motorhome comes standard with a garage

5 September 2019

The annual Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf is delivering some special treats this year.

Today we bring you the all-new Weinsberg Carabus 630 MEG Outlaw, which is aimed at motorcycle and quad owners.

The Weinsburg is based on the Fiat Ducato and it comes as standard with its very own garage. In order to make space for the garage, the bed had to be moved up. This means you get very little headroom, but how much do you really need when sleeping anyway?

The Outlaw can carry up to 520kg, which is enough for two motorbikes, or a bike and a quad, or even a competition bike with a full set of spares.

The garage is fully sealed off from the rest of the motorhome. As you can imagine, petrol fumes don’t go very well with breakfast.

On the living side you get a nice living area, kitchen, fridge shower and toilet.

The driver and passenger seat can swivel around to provide even more seating.