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What’s in store for the Land Rover Defender?

23 April 2014

If you were less than impressed with the DC100 Concept released a few years ago, no need to worry. It seems as if that concept won’t play any part in the future of the iconic Defender.

Speaking at the New York Auto Show, Land Rover design director Gerry McGovern stated that the company will be going in a very different direction when it comes to the future of the Defender. “I wouldn’t take note of those concept vehicles we did a couple of years ago,” said McGovern.

While no official details were shared, McGovern said that the focus will be on affordability, ruggedness and durability when it comes to creating the Defender’s replacement – things that the vehicle has always been respected for.

McGovern also told Car & Driver  that: ” You’ll get versions that are very elemental in terms of what’s inside them, but you’ll have the ability to move it up and make it more premium, but it’ll be durable premium.”

It all sounds very promising. We look forward to seeing what the new Defender will look like.

  • Macafrican

    It’s fairly simple, one needs:
    3 diff locks
    Solid axles
    Good depart / arrive / crossover angles
    Window height wading
    1500km fuel range
    100 liter water capacity

    In other words they have no clue how to deliver such a vehicle because only 100 people a year need it and none of them are footballer wives