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Yaris Extreme meets X-Fighters

18 August 2014

The Red Bull X-Fighters are bringing their high flying, back flipping professional Freestyle Motocross (FMX) riders to Pretoria and the Yaris Extreme Thrill Ride will be right there to ensure that the thrill and excitement doesn’t stop.

The Yaris Extreme Thrill Ride, which launched earlier this year will be on the schedule for the day. The Thrill Ride is an obstacle course which is strategically assembled to showcase the Toyota Yaris’ excitement factor. The extreme obstacles, including the Up and Over, the Strobe Tunnel and Jump and the Slide Slope sling shot, are guaranteed to get your pulse racing and adrenalin pumping.

“We are excited to be partnering with the Red Bull X-Fighters for the last leg of their World Tour in South Africa at the Union buildings. The Yaris Extreme Thrill Ride is a natural fit for the Red Bull X-Fighters as the thrill ride is designed to get your pulse racing,” says Kerry Roodt, General Manager Marketing Communications of Toyota South Africa Motors.

The Red Bull X-Fighters saved the best for last and will be ending their four continent World Tour 2014 in South Africa. This is also the first time the X-Fighters will be in Africa. This is a group of the best freestyle motocross riders from around the world. The showcase was started in 2001 and since then, has taken the world by storm.

South African FMX champion, Nick de Wit is the only African rider part of the Red Bull X-Fighters showcase. Nick has participated in various FMX events across the world including the Masters of Dirt sessions in South Africa. Nick’s love for the freestyling is evident in every competition he participates in.

Tickets to the Yaris Extreme Thrill Ride will be handed out randomly and can be enjoyed as a once off at the show. Each of the passengers’ heart rate will be monitored for the duration of the ride. Each heart rate will be entered into a leader board for each hour and the highest heart rate per hour will win a specially designed Yaris Extreme jacket. In addition all passengers will receive a goodie bag to commemorate their exhilarating ride.

“We encourage all Toyota and X-Fighter fans to enjoy the day. Exhilaration is promised and heart stopping action guaranteed,” adds Roodt.

There will also be a special appearance by Leeroy Poulter and Giniel de Villiers during the show.

The Red Bull X-Fighters will be at the Union Buildings in Pretoria on 23 August 2014. Visit for more information on Yaris Extreme and the Red Bull X-Fighters. Attendees are encouraged to use #ToyotaGetsMyPulseRacing on Twitter to share their memories.