The winds of destiny – a farewell

I’ve always been lucky and very, very blessed. I have written about this in my column, [email protected] in Leisure Wheels magazine, in the past. Ending up at such a respectable, established national magazine such as Leisure Wheels four years ago, was a dose of luck like no other. I could hardly believe it! And everything that followed was just amazing; stuff that I had always dreamt of, but had no idea of how I could make it happen. It was by pure chance (but extreme destiny, of course ), that the Leisure Wheels door opened for me and a tenure of adventure, fun, new experiences and broadening of my horizons played out like a fantasy of sorts. I had never been so proud of what I did, or so passionate about anything before. The opportunities were endless and the birth of the Bush Babes another dream come true. People often commented on my having a dream job and I had to agree.

Then, in the one area where I had not had luck in the past, God decided, after ten years, to grant me the wish of a little girl of my own – and everything changed. This kind of blessing does not come without having to make sacrifices to treasure the gift bestowed upon you. My journey is thus continuing on a different path. I am leaving Leisure Wheels to spend as much time with Sabria Lee as possible and include her in my ventures and adventures, which is also why I am continuing with the Bush Babes Adventure and Safari Club on my own (albeit with the help and support of a myriad of very special people). And, as always in the past, I continue to be lucky and blessed, and many doors and avenues are opening and the wind of destiny is blowing me to exactly where I need to be next. Jannie, thank you for everything. I had the time of my life and look forward to being part of Leisure Wheels from time to time as a freelancer.


Leilani Basson joined Leisure Wheels in March 2010 to bring a female flair to the magazine. She excelled at human interest and travel articles and was soon put in charge of Leisure Wheels 4×4 Safaris. Leilani started the Bush Babes Adventure and Safari Club in 2011. She worked as a writer, photographer, tour guide and keen website and social media contributor. She leaves the magazine at the end of November 2013. You can check out the brand new Bush Babes website here: