Gear: 10 bits ‘n bobs for your braai

Never say braai
Winter is approaching and those balmy evenings sipping cocktails on the deck will soon be put on hold until summer rolls around once again. In sharp contrast, braaiing remains firmly entrenched in the South African psyche as a year-round activity. With that in mind, here’s some braai kit to add to your arsenal.

1. Spare tyre mount braai grate
Packing space can be as tight as a parking spot in Japan when you go overlanding, or even on a weekend camping trip. That’s why we love this ingenious, stainless steel braai grid. It can slot over your spare wheel and doesn’t take up any room in your vehicle or trailer, fitting over 29 to 35-inch tyres (740mm to 890mm). If you don’t have a spare tyre on the back of your car, it can also be folded flat and into quarters and stashed away in a compact fashion.

Price R995

2. Pit Mitt Pro BBQ gloves
With a name like Pitt Mitt, what’s not to love? You can lift a braai bread pan right out from the coals without a second thought. There’s the added comical appeal of looking like Spiderman after a puff adder bite to both hands…
Price from R174

3. Potjie pot carrier
There’s nothing like the warming comfort of potjiekos on a cool autumn or chilly winter’s night. Here’s another space-saving concept that ensures that the potjie pot doesn’t get left behind. Frontrunner offers a number three size potjie pot and off-road bracket combo that bolts onto any Front Runner rack tray.

Price R1 395 including the potjie pot, R695.00 for the bracket alone

4. Cadac Gas Lighter
A simple no fuss way to get your braai started, especially when it’s windy. You can avoid burning your fingertips and even if it gets a little damp, you should have no problem lighting your fire. C’mon baby…
Price R39
Where Makro

5. Lotus Grill
The Lotus Grill is not like your typical, rugged ensemble of wood and coal on which most South Africans are accustomed to braaing their lamb chops, but if you’ve ever used a Weber this is not too much of a culinary stretch. The Lotus Grill is portable and even when the coal inside is hot, you can still carry it because of its double-layered construction. It uses a battery-operated fan which constantly supplies the charcoal with air to get them hot and keep them that way within five minutes. The Lotus Grill was designed in Germany and is the recipient of the Red Dot Design award. It’s ideal for using on a boat, the beach or at picnics. After cooking it can be packed up within minutes. Just make sure you can find the fire gel you need to use with it.
Price R2 499

6. Basting bowl and brush set
Surely one of a braai guru’s essential steps for ensuring an outstanding result is keeping the meat succulent. This stainless steel basting bowl comes with an attached handle and can be placed directly on the grill or in the oven to keep liquids hot, while the silicone-bristled brush (heat-resistant up to 180*C) can be used to baste away to your heart’s content.
Price R260

7. Laguiole steak knife set
Add a bit of pizzazz to your steak braai by laying out these six high quality Laguiole steak knives. “Made by master cutlers in France,” the Laguiole knives come with a choice of an array of coloured handles and an etched wooden storage block.
Price R649

8. Star Wors braai three-piece braai set
Corny as they come, but we like it anyway. Printed on the front of this apron from Mantality is “Star Wors. May the sauce be with you!” You are encouraged to braai your wors in “imperial style” wearing the themed apron that comes with a spatula, fork and braai tongs, as well as in a nylon webbing carry pouch, with Star Wors emblazoned on the front.

Price R265

9. Weber burger press
Whether you use Jamie Oliver’s, Jan Braai’s or your own burger recipe, a burger press is ideal for all those ‘A type’ braaiers who feel more at ease with the world when the patties are uniform in size. The Weber burger press will help you churn out replica patties in no time at all. The press is dishwasher safe, making cleaning easier.

Price R250

10. My Butcher’s Block flavoured braai boards
Use a braai board made from woods such as oak, maple and cherry to infuse a subtle earthy flavour to your meat. As the fragrant plank of wood heats over the fire the food takes on the characteristic aroma of that wood. Particularly popular for fish, these planks can be used with a variety of other meats, vegetables and of course, pizza.
Price R130