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Who makes the best digital off-roader? [w/video]

14 February 2014

Regular readers will know that we recently stumbled upon the latest craze in motoring/gaming journalism – the digital car test.

We watched a few of these tests on YouTube and decided to have a go at it. Because we’re strictly an off-road publication, we decided to use Grand Theft Auto 5, which features quite a few off-road vehicles. We spent around two hours testing the latest and greatest SUVs, which we, uhm, borrowed from their digital owners.

When we first stumbled across this phenomenon, we were also shocked to see how many of these so-called road testers simply drove over innocent bystanders and we vowed that we wouldn’t do the same.

I’m sad to say that we failed, but it’s not entirely our fault. Digital pedestrians, it seems, are quite stupid and as a result, we couldn’t help but run them over.

Please don’t watch our digital road test if you’re easily offended, or a lobbyist for the rights of people residing in the digital realm.

Take a look at our very own GTA 5 SUV road test video below.