More women in action

I was recently invited to the official SheDARE launch to view SA’s first female stunt team’s YouTube production. Due to my involvement wit the Bush Babes, I was immediately tickled to find out more about SheDare and the ladies behind it. Any women with a sense of adventure and accomplishment demands the support of their fellow Babes.


So, what is SheDARE?

SheDARE consists of three of South Africa’s top female superbike racers who has come together to form SA’s 1st official FEMALE MOTORSPORT STUNT TEAM. With over 30 years of experience in motorsport on a regional, national and international level throughout various facets of motorsport, this partnership is guaranteed to provide the fun, fearless and fabulous adventure that each of these ladies are well known for.

Three ladies: SA’s Speed Queen (Wilmarie Janse van Rensburg), Skinny (Gerda van Schalkwyk) and Storm (Jenice Lehman) are bringing their talents, expertise and passion together to create an inspiring platform through various elements of motivational talks, stunting, extreme entertainment and thereby creating a new way to promoting brands.

The SheDARE Team is telling unique stories through their bi-monthly YouTube series of videos by working hand in hand with some of SA’s most influential people in various industries. Each story is aimed at helping companies position their brands differently by bringing a creative, original, educational and most importantly, a fun element to how we look at these brands.

Who are the SheDARE girls?

When thinking of Women in Motorsport in South Africa, one of the first names to come into mind is that of Wilmarie Janse van Rensburg (also known as SA’s Speed Queen). For over 17 years, Speed Queen has been participating in various facets of motorsport on a regional, national and international level. Some call her Superwoman while she’s even been named the fastest women on two wheels. But what makes her stand out most is her determination to push boundaries & being the 1st at whatever she takes on. From being South Africa’s 1st lady superbike racer to being the 1st president for Women in Motorsport and starting 1st ladies categories all round, to now starting South Africa’s 1st official female stunt team. “I love a challenge and can see opportunities, but cannot do any of it without the amazing people along my journey that make it possible.”

Having had an adventurous spirit from the day she was born, Skinny is all about getting the best out of life every day. She never stands back for a challenge and always ensure that her life provides an entertaining reality show to all those around her. Her initial casual approach to biking gave Skinny the opportunity to experience the leisure side of riding while building an amazing following in the biking industry. Through all these experiences she developed an incredible skillset in all type of Motorsport. Although her tutu and pink KTM950 seemed very lady like, this lady is not to be underestimated when putting on her full leathers for some knee down time. “I’ve always wanted to inspire others by my love for adventure and through telling my story.”

Jenice (also known as Storm) loves the outdoors. Although she only entered into the motorcycling world at the age of 21, she was determined to live an adventurous life from a very early age. Growing up in the Free State, Storm enjoyed horse riding and testing the limits of all vehicles available and willing. She may be fast and fierce on a superbike, but she’s also known as the angel in the SheDARE team who loves gorgeous shoes and pretty much everything related to beauty and fashion. She most definitely brings an extreme and fabulous touch to this team but should not be underestimated as she is also the 1st and only lady in South Africa to race a superbike against a Bell 407 Helicopter – and win!

Although these ladies know how to have fun, they take this venture extremely serious. The SheDARE team is partnering up with some of SA’s most extreme and entertaining individuals and companies where they will be performing extreme riding & driving in facets of rally cars, drifting cars, superbikes, MX style riding, stunting, etc. for entertainment as well as for the movie/advertising industry.
If you still don’t get the full picture or want to see these ladies in action, watch this

The SheDARE lasses in action

For more information on these ladies, the stunts they pull off or to see them live, contact Wilmarie SpeedQueen on 083 780 0029 or  [email protected] or log on to