SPONSORED: BMW Black is a truly refined experience…

Get ready, because signing up for BMW Black is an illuminating experience…

Some three decades ago, BMW South Africa pioneered Motorplan, and to a greater or lesser degree, every other maintenance contract since then has been modelled on it.

BMW’s innovative spirit, whether in its products themselves or in the services that make the cars with a blue and white roundel such a joy to own continues unabated, and the latest service offering is BMW Black.

BMW Black is an oil services plan that provides BMW drivers with three oil services over two years and includes exclusive benefits, all for a single upfront payment. Associated with boldness and prestige, both the name and the colour black speak to the refined experience customers can expect when they sign up for this innovative oil service plan. The target audience is out-of-Motorplan customers and those with a Motorplan that is about to end.

The offer is about peace of mind, which is given by ensuring costs are contained for two years. This means the customer is protected against the cost of inflation. In addition, only original BMW filters are fitted, and there is the assurance that the correct oil will also be used. All labour, consumables and any other parts are included.

BMWs, irrespective of age or condition, qualify for BMW Black and added value comes in the shape of a hot-desk facility at the dealership with complimentary WiFi and refreshments. There’s also the chance to win prizes such as fuel vouchers and BMW Driving Experience courses each month.

All this is as easy as contacting your friendly dealer and signing up – no vehicle pre-qualification or quality checks are required. The cost of BMW Black starts from R2 999.

For many, however, the benefits of adding BMW On Call to BMW Black are especially appealing. On Call is BMW’s acclaimed 24-hour roadside assistance service, which provides umbrella protection in the event of being stranded. It includes towing, accommodation, car hire and medical elements, all of which make it a nexus of worry-free motoring. The bottom line? It’ll keep you mobile and keep your travel arrangements on track.

The BMW brand is designed and engineered to provide many years of sheer driving pleasure. With BMW Black, you can be assured your car is receiving the best possible treatment by the people who are best qualified to look after it – factory-trained technicians at a branded dealership.

To find out more, visit www.bmw.co.za/black…