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Ricardo designs Ford Ranger for military use

10 October 2019

It was only a matter of time before upgrade packages for the Ford Ranger became a thing.

While it has been available in numerous countries for a while, it has only been available in the USA for a year. And as we all know, those guys are quite big on modifying.

The first example was the Hennessey Raptor, which was designed and built simply because the Ranger Raptor isn’t available in the USA.

Now we’re getting the first glance of Ricardo’s military upgrades for the Ranger.

Ricardo says the Ranger has the potential for military use, which is why it created this specific package.

So what do you do to a Ranger to make it military-ready?

Well, first Ricardo upgrades the suspension and adds more off-road orientated tyres. Not only does this increase load ability and durability, but it likely adds grip in the sort of situations military vehicles will likely operate in. The electrical system is also upgraded to accommodate military communications gear.

Next, Ricardo upgrades the brakes and skid plates and adds a full roll cage. A roll cage is also fixed to the load bin.

The latter can also be used as a mount for weapons.

Finally and most importantly, Ricardo adds thick armour plating. It doesn’t say exactly how much, but we reckon it’s likely enough to stop a bullet from an assault rifle.

The rest is standard Ranger, which means a 157kW/500Nm 2.0-litre biturbo diesel engine and a ten-speed gearbox.