The smallest roadworthy car in the world! [w/video]

So it just so happens that the smallest roadworthy car in the world… looks like a Jeep!

Created by Austin Coulson, it’s built with a custom frame on a 57 Chevrolet Belair mock-up body, with a kiddy quad engine to power it. It’s completely street legal, with a “safety” glass windshield, functioning windscreen wipers, tail lights, turn signals and brake lights. It also has a seatbelt and a hooter! It only has a 1,8 litre fuel tank, but Coulson isn’t entirely sure what the fuel mileage is yet. He built it specifically to beat the Guinness World Record of smallest roadworthy car.

The car is 63.5cm high, 65.41cm wide and 126.47cm long. It’s licensed to be on the road at speeds of up to 40 km/h.


Smallest Roadworthy car: