February 2020

February 2020 Issue

There’s plenty going on in this month’s mag so let’s get right to it. You know we’re all about the gravel in this mag, so we decided we’d see just how much tar we could avoid during the Joburg to Cape Town slog, trying to stay off the black stuff as much as possible.

Regular readers of our mag are usually treated to tales of Kingsley Holgate’s trips and exploits. But as we wrapped up another amazing year, we thought we’d look back on three journeys: the most dangerous, the greatest geographic challenge and the one with the greatest humanitarian impact.

We’ve thrown in another feature, about the Karoo, for good measure, treating you to the sights and sounds of this diverse and rich area.

You’ve heard the story of the guys who drove their Beetle up Sani Pass but have you heard about the guys who decided to drive their Beetle from Cape Town to Barcelona? You haven’t? well you’d best get reading.

We have another two awesome tests this month; the BMW X2 M35i and the Range Rover Evoque. We also took the Hyundai Venue Range out for a jaunt. It was quite the vehicle.

As usual, we’ve got Campsite Review, Photo Focus, Gear and much, much more.