May 2020

May/June 2020 Issue

Let’s not beat around the bush; businesses around the world have been hard-hit by the coronavirus and we’re no different. Luckily, we were pretty much on the ball when it came to ensuring we had a host of content for our first few issues while we get through the initial period of quarantine, Lockdown and closures.

There was one content casualty of the virus, however, and that was our Adventurer Interview. We weren’t able to secure anyone by the time Lockdown hit and so this issue goes without. Luckily, Trygve Roberts more than fills the gap with his Mountain Passes of SA review, something which will become a regular in our mag going forward. But don’t worry, interview will be back next month, too.

This month there are two stories that would do any magazine proud. Firstly, we put the new Land Rover Defender through its paces in Kaokoland, Namibia. Some reviewers take a car around the block and feel they can write a review about it. We don’t like that. But over 800km in the hot seat really helps you get to know a vehicle.

Second, we tested the new Lamborghini Urus. Here is an SUV to rival super sports cars. Power and beauty.

It’s cars like these two that make us really love our work.

Something else we love is giving back and if our Ford Rally to Read piece doesn’t moisten your eyes, you’re cold man, really cold.

Elton John may have sang about the Circle of Life but we look at the Circle of Magic, exploring Karredouw to Baviaanskloof. There’s also a feature on snakes you’re likely to stumble across in Southern Africa (and what to do if you get bitten) and another about the King of the Hammers, which is back in our mag as exciting as ever.

The Urus wasn’t our only test this month, we also got our hands on the Mahindra Pik Up Automatic.

Our featured campsite this month is Arbeidsloon while in Gear we take a dive into some tonneau covers. And if you’ve ever wished your vehicle could fly over traffic, check out Retro Drive.

Kingsley and Voetspore remain, as do Photo Focus, Tech and our Long-term review.