October 2016


October 2016 Issue

This month we take a close look at two mega 4x4s, built by two heavyweights in the aftermarket accessory business – a supercharged Jeep Wrangler built by Zone Offroad and a giant Land Cruiser 79 V8 built by 4×4 Muscle Trucks.

Our usual content kicks off with the R100 000 challenge, in which we attempted to find a few reasonable second-hand vehicles at a very low price. We also take a close look at the latest local news, including the launch of the all-new VW Tiguan.

The adventure segment is steeped in history this month, as we re-enacted a journey that first took place 60 years ago. It includes Sani Pass, a new VW Beetle Dune and one very brave driver.

This edition also includes a first for South Africa. We conducted a tyre test, pitting highway terrain VS all terrain VS mud terrain in various circumstances, to see which tyre is the best compromise for off-road enthusiasts.

In the technology section we look at the difference between the humble ladder-frame and newfangled monocoque chassis. We also take a closer look at the effort that goes into a roof rack fitment.